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Nvidia GeForce driver brings ray-tracing to 10-series GTX cards

Nvidia GeForce driver brings ray-tracing to firm's 10-series GTX cards

The GeForce GTX 1080 now supports ray-tracing, kind of

GRAPHICS OUTFIT Nvidia has unleashed its latest GeForce Game Ready driver update is here, and – just as promised – it brings the firm’s ray-tracing capabilities to the firm’s older 10-series GTX cards.

This all sounds well and good on paper; Nvidia’s ray-tracing tech has until now been reserved for its flashy GeForce 20-series RTX graphics cards, with the GPUs’ underlying Turing architecture boasting dedicated RT cores for handling the complex calculations ray-tracing needs.

Thanks to Nvidia’s latest GeForce driver, this functionality is now available on all of the firm’s GTX cards from the Pascal GTX 1060 6GB. However, besides the GTX 1660 TI and GTX 1660, these cards are built on Nvidia’s last-gen Pascal architecture, which means the 10-series cards will need to use their CUDA cores to chew through ray-tracing calculations.

As Nvidia itself admits, this will make for a less-impressive ray-tracing experience. In a demo, the firm shows that Metro: Exodus, a graphically-intense game, will chug along at 16.4 frames per second (fps) on a GTX 1080 Ti at 1440p resolution with ray tracing set to ‘ultra’ details; by comparison, with DLSS, the RTX 2080 Ti will hit a 65.7 fps, while the RTX 2080 manages 52.7fps. 

“With dedicated RT cores, GeForce RTX GPUs provide up to 2-3x faster performance in ray-traced games, enabling more effects, higher ray counts, and higher resolutions for the best experience,” Nvidia fesses.

“With this new driver however, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and higher GPUs can execute ray-tracing instructions on traditional shader cores, giving gamers a taste, albeit at lower RT quality settings and resolutions, of how ray tracing will dramatically change the way games are experienced.”

Still, if you want to give it a go, you’ll be able to test it out in Shadow of the Tomb RaiderBattlefield V, and Metro: Exodus, and Nvidia is offering a few new tech demos that you can download for free from its website. µ

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