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Nvidia GPUs are back in stock at normal prices as crypto-mining popularity wanes

GRAPHICS OUTFIT Nvidia has confirmed that its GPUs are finally back in stock at (more or less) normal prices. 

For months, graphics cards bearing both Nvidia and AMD GPUs were either out of stock or available only at eye-watering prices because cryptocurrency miners were buying them in bulk, in some cases, straight from the factory gates. 

That left PC makers, enthusiasts and PC gamers with little choice but to either shell out or wait for prices to come back down to Earth. 

Prices were expected to fall due to the waning popularity of crypto-mining, and over on Twitter, Nvidia confirmed that the 10-Series GeForce GTX GPUs are now available for ordinary buyers around the world.

Depending on the model, the cards are now selling for manufacturer suggested retail prices, from $150 for the GTX 1050 to $800 for the top-of-the-range GTX 1080.

Customers can purchase some of these cards straight from Nvidia. For instance, the GeForce GTX 1070 costs $449 and comes with immediate shipping.

However, the shipping dates of other models vary. While the Founders Edition is now selling for $549, it could take up to a week to ship. It is the same situation with the 6GB GTX 1060, which is priced at $299.

But buyers do have the option to purchase the cards from other retailers, with stocks at the usual places – Aria, eBuyer, Novatech, Box, Overclockers, Scan and others – returning to normal. 

For UK customers, the GTX 1070 costs £379 from Nvidia, and the 1080 £529. That is a saving of hundreds compared to the prices during March. 

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However, not all customers are satisfied, noting that next-generation graphics cards from Nvidia are due out imminently. One Twitter user complained: “GPU prices are still above MSRP and it’s close to next-gen launching.”

However, it seems that the prices of AMD’s Radeon Cards – which are arguably more popular among cryptocurrency miners – have not fallen quite so dramatically.

In the UK, prices for the AMD RX Vega 56 range between £500 to £600, while the price of RX 580 graphics cards average at £300, compared to a launch price last year of just over £200. µ

Source : Inquirer

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