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Nvidia shows a group of MPs how to make AI work for everyone

NVIDIA HAS been teaching MPs how to create neural networks as part of an AI Workshop organised in conjunction with the Big Innovation Centre.

A cross-party group including Stephen Metcalf MP and Lord Clement Jones CBE, co-chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI), was tasked with learning about AI, what it really means, and then taking the information back to inform the discussion with constituents.

Of course, that doesn’t just mean being able to respond if an MP’s surgery bears the question “So, do I need to live in fear of Skynet?” but also more practical pursuits like a local business looking at bringing AI to their business.

Stuart Wilson, AI and Supercomputing director at Nvidia, said: “Artificial intelligence represents the biggest technological and economic shift in our lifetime. It is of national importance that policymakers understand the core components, capabilities and limitations surrounding the modern AI boom.”

The wider aim of the group will be to look at what mechanisms are required to make sure AI is safe. This includes the ethics of AI, especially related to how it will affect human jobs.

It will also look at how responsibility in algorithms should be assigned and what bodies need to be set up to audit artificial intelligence.

In other words – being able to explain how we’re going to avoid Skynet before it starts.

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“Government and policymakers are not technology experts. Practical, accessible examples of AI in action provides a real-time understanding of the impact and implications of AI for our businesses and society. More informed decision-making allows the UK to get AI-ready as a leading global innovator,” said Professor Birgitte Andersen, CEO of Big Innovation Centre.

“This workshop is the latest step in ensuring Parliamentarians and other key stakeholders have the knowledge and tools they need to shape policies, regulations, and budgets in our AI future.”

The next meeting of the APPI AI will look at AI accountability when it meets in a fortnight. µ

Source : Inquirer

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