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Nvidia teases ‘Super’ RTX upgrade ahead of Computex reveal

Nvidia teases 'Super' RTX upgrade ahead of Computex reveal

Something ‘Super’ is coming, apparently

GOOD NEWS, GRAPHICS FANS: Nvidia is announcing, er, “something” at Computex next week.

Team Green, no doubt in a bid to take some of the shine of AMD’s impending Navi GPU launch, has posted a cryptic video to YouTube that teases “something super” ahead of its press conference on Monday.

The 16-seconds of willy-waving gives little away, showing only the word ‘Super’ carved into a what looks like a slab of metal.

However, all signs are pointing to a souped-up GPU; the text is similar to that seen on Nvidia’s RTX Founders Edition cards, and the hype-building clip was posted to the firm’s gamer-focused GeForce YouTube channel.

We’re putting our money on upgraded GeForce 20-series RTX cards. Nvidia is no doubt looking to up its game as AMD prepares to launch its long-hyped Navi GPUs, which are tipped to bring performance parity with the firm’s current-generation RTX cards.

Recent rumours suggest that Nvidia is planning to equip the GPUs with faster video RAM (VRAM); the memory boost will supposedly equip the cards with faster 16Gpbs memory, replacing the current 14Gbps GDDR6.

This would be one way for Nvidia to ensure it keeps Team Red’s graphics hardware efforts at bay, albeit a bit of a kick in the teeth for anyone who’s just spunked hundreds of pounds on an RTX card.

Others are speculating that Nvidia might have something more left-field planned; perhaps the rumoured convertible 2-in-1 Nvidia Shield device.

Nvidia has a Computex press conference scheduled for Monday 27 May, so we’ll bring you all of the latest as it happens. µ

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