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Nvidia will unveil its ‘next generation mainstream GPU’ this summer

GRAPHICS GIANT Nvidia will unveil its “next generation mainstream GPU” later this summer, according to reports.

Spotted by Videocardz, Nvidia is planning to hold a session to talk the future of its graphics cards at the Hot Chips conference on 20 August in California. On the schedule, it states that the firm’s vice-president of ASIC engineering, Stuart Oberman, will “present the company’s next-gen GPU technology”.

“We will hear from the CPU and GPU giants: AMD featuring their next-gen client chip, NVIDIA with their next-gen GPU, and Intel with an interesting die-stacked CPU with iGPU plus stacked dGPU,” reads the Hot Chips press release.

While it’s not known what GPU tech Nvidia will unveil at the session, it could be a new architecture, like the leap from Nvidia’s Maxwell within the GTX 900 series to Pascal seen in the GTX 10 Series. Or it could be a Pascal refresh.

However, because “mainstream” is in the name of the keynote, it helps narrow down the subject matter of the presentation to GeForce cards and potentially the rumoured Turing family.

Usually, companies presenting at Hot Chips go into deep dives on their latest microarchitectures, so whatever it is you can expect it to be detailed.

The news of a potential GPU announcement from Nvidia comes just weeks after the firm confirmed that its GPUs are finally back in stock at (more or less) normal prices.

For months, graphics cards bearing both Nvidia and AMD GPUs were either out of stock or available only at eye-watering prices because cryptocurrency miners were buying them in bulk, in some cases, straight from the factory gates.

That left PC makers, enthusiasts and PC gamers with little choice but to either shell out or wait for prices to come back down.

Prices were expected to fall due to the waning popularity of crypto-mining, and over on Twitter, Nvidia confirmed that the 10-Series GeForce GTX GPUs are now available for ordinary buyers around the world. µ

Source : Inquirer

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