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Nvidia’s crypto-mining ‘Turing’ GPUs set to debut in ‘weeks’

GRAPHICS OUTFIT Nvidia could be planning to launch its first cryptomining ‘Turing’ GPUs within weeks, according to Cryptomining Blog

The upcoming launch, which could take place at Nvidia’s GTC conference later this month, could persuade cryptocurrency miners to stop stockpiling AMD graphics cards, releasing them back into the market for ordinary PC builders and gamers. 

Industry insiders believe that the Nvidia GP102-100 range of cryptomining cards will be landing soon, sporting 3,200 cores and 400GB/s of bandwidth. It’s reported that the graphics cards will be able to mine up to 47 MH/s in Ethereum, 660 Sol/s of ZCash and 879 H/s of Monero.

The P102-100 SKU will be based on Nvidia’s GP102 GPU, despite the fact that earlier reports suggested that the latter would be scrapped.

Designed predominantly for people and organisations that want to mine cryptocurrencies, the card is packed with 3,200 1582MHz cores and 5GB of GDDR5X memory.

Size-wise, it will come in at 21.5cmx12.5cm. Not only will it have dual slots, but there will also be dual eight-pin connectors.

When the card launches, it will be able to work with the PCIe Gen1 x4 interface, and users should be able to insert it into PCIe slots easily.

Leaked photos of the card (above) suggest that it will adopt an inno3D Twin X2 cooler layout, meaning it is likely to have two fans and five pipes for managing heat levels.

The is expected to come with the Pascal GP102 GPU as well, which is powerful enough to support cryptocurrency mining. Nvidia is likely to announce specification and price details soon.

In other news, it is rumoured that the chipmaker will not begin mass producing its forthcoming Turing GPUs until the third quarter of 2018, despite Nvidia reportedly planning a launch later this month.

Taiwanese news site DigiTimes suggests that Nvidia has had a change of heart due to turbulent times in the cryptocurrency market. 

It suggests that “Nvidia and AMD have both been decelerating the developments of their new GPU architectures and prolonging their existing GPU platforms’ lifecycle”. µ

Source : Inquirer

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