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Nvidia’s GTX 1650 and GTX 1660 Ti bring Turing to entry-level gaming laptops

Nvidia's GTX 1650 and GTX 1660 Ti bring Turing to entry-level gaming laptops

Nvidia’s GTX 1650 is the cheapest Turing GPU yet

GRAPHICS OUTFIT Nvidia’s Turing architecture is finally making its way to the entry-level with the arrival of the GTX 1650.

The GeForce GTX 1650, which has already trumped AMD’s Red’s Radeon RX 570 in leaked benchmarks, became official on Tuesday, with Nvidia announcing that it’s available now from just $149 (around £115), albeit only in custom designs by Nvidia’s board partners.

Despite its entry-level price tag, Nvidia boasts that the Turing-based GPU will deliver 10x the performance of integrated graphics, up to twice the performance of the GTX 950 and up to 1.7x the performance of the Pascal-based GTX 1050.  

Specs-wise, the GTX 1650 packs one of Nvidia new Turing GPUs, the TU117, but, unsurprisingly, it doesn’t come with any of the ray tracing or DLSS bells-and-whistles like its RTX 2060 sibling. It does, however, offer 896 CUDA cores and 4GB of GDDR5 memory with a 128-bit memory bus, for a combined memory bandwidth of 128GB/sec. Base and boost clocks are 1,485 and 1,665 MHz, respectively.

Nvidia has also shown off a Max-Q variant of the card, along with – as expected – a laptop-ready GTX 1660 Ti GPU, which it claims will offer up to 50 per cent more gaming performance than last-gen GTX 1060 laptops and up to four times the performance of GTX 960M. 

While the GPUs don’t sport fancy ray-tracing or Tensor cores, the latter will be able to handle 100-plus frames per second for 1080p at 1080p in popular games such as FortnitePUBG and Apex Legends, according to Nvidia, while the GTX 1650 will offer 60fps for 1080p titles. 

“Gamers have an impressive selection of fast, power-efficient and thin laptops to choose from — all powered by our Turing family of GeForce RTX and GTX GPUs,” said Mark Aevermann, director of product management at Nvidia.

“Now is the perfect time to be in the market for a new GeForce gaming laptop, especially for the tens of millions of gamers with older laptops who’d like to experience incredibly fast frame rates in their favorite games.”

The GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1650 Max-Q GPUs will launch in a “record” 80 laptop designs, Nvidia swoons, which will start cropping up from today priced from $799 (around £620). µ

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