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Nvidia’s next-gen GPU tipped to pack RTX tech and HDMI 2.1

GRAPHICS OUTFIT Nvidia’s next-generation GeForce GPU will reportedly back a bunch of new features including RTX tech, HDMI 2.1 and a new GPU clocking algorithm. 

Tom’s Hardware, has the scoop and reports that RTX Technology, something that Nvidia has already enabled on its current high-end Volta cards including the Titan V and the Quadro GV100, will be coming to the firm’s next-gen GPUs. 

While this technology will be used in a number of upcoming games, the new cards will offer full support and best performance with the feature activated for enhanced visuals.

A new GPU clocking algorithm is also expected, with the ability to push clock rates beyond 2GHz. It might even be that we see a fourth iteration of the firm’s GPU Boost algorithm, a feature that is already in its third iteration.

If Tom’s Hardware is to be believed, Nvidia will also be updating the display tech in its next-gen GPUs with the integration of HDMI 2.1. This will offer a host of new display features to consumers such as Dynamic HDR, variable refresh rate and support for ridiculously high resolutions.

Nvidia isn’t the only graphics company that’s been hitting the headlines. AMD has also been generating some buzz thanks to its senior vice president of engineering at the Radeon Technologies Group, David Wang.

In an interview with PCGamesn, Wang was asked if AMD’s Navi GPUs would use an MCM (Multi-Chip Module) approach. He replied that while they are looking into it but haven’t yet concluded whether that is a viable approach for traditional gaming graphics cards.

“We are looking at the MCM type of approach,” says Wang, “but we’ve yet to conclude that this is something that can be used for traditional gaming graphics type of application,” he said.

It’s already widely predicted that Navi GPUs will be launched next year and most of the design work is already completed. However, it seems those who were hoping for MCM die on the Navi GPUs will have to wait a little longer. µ

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