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Ofcom shames TalkTalk and Vodafone as the UK’s most moaned about providers

UK TELECOMS REGULATOR Ofcom has released its latest complaints report, outing TalkTalk and Vodafone as the country’s most griped about providers.

For the broadband market, the figures, which tally up complaints made in the third quarter of 2017, name and shame TalkTalk as the most-complained-about provider with 30 complaints per 100,000 customers. Plusnet isn’t far behind, with 27 complaints, and BT placed third with 25. 

According to Ofcom, TalkTalk’s main complaint driver was “faults, service and provision issues followed by complaints handling and billing, prices and charges.”

TalkTalk addressed this in a statement sent to INQ, saying: “We are obviously disappointed by these figures. Ofcom’s historical data covers a period last year when we closed our customer service operations in India which caused some temporary disruption.

“That move and a radical shift to self-serve has already delivered a material improvement in customer satisfaction and we expect complaint data for 2018 to reduce significantly.”

Plusnet was also keen to offer up an apology, saying: “We’re sorry to those customers we’ve let down, we know this isn’t good enough. There are a number of plans being put in place to make sure we improve. We’re committed to doing our customers proud.”

At the other end of the scale, Sky was the least-complained-about ISP, with just seven complaints per 100,000 customers. EE wasn’t far off with 10, and Virgin Media generated 14 complaints.

The mobile market saw far fewer complaints in Q3, with the most-moaned-about network, Vodafone, receiving 10 pissed off phone calls per 100,000 customers, largely related to billing, pricing and charges.

“The latest Ofcom report shows a further improvement in customer service and we remain committed to accelerating that positive trend,” Vodafone said in a statement. “We are adding 2,000 new UK based customer service roles and investing in digital technologies to make it easier for our customers to interact with us.”

BT placed second, with nine complaints, while TalkTalk and Virgin placed joint-third with eight.

EE, Three and O2 all received just three complaints, while Tesco Mobile received just one per 100,000 customers.

It’s pretty pleased about it, too, saying in a statement: “We are delighted to be recognised by Ofcom as the least complained about mobile network for the fourteenth consecutive quarter.

“This recognition is down to the hard work of our team, who continue to break industry records year after year and consistently deliver the very best service. In an even more crowded and competitive market, we will always lead the industry in by simply keeping our customers front of mind; offering flexibility, excellent value, control over your bill, and of course, great customer service.”

Ofcom also cast its eye over the landline market, where with an average of 24 complaints, it named the Post Office as the most-griped-about provider. These were largely fueled by its “handling and faults, service and provision issues”, as well as issues related to its takeover of Fuel Broadband. 

“At the end of July we acquired Fuel broadband, and its customers were transitioned to Post Office telecoms. The transition process led to some confusion for a small number of customers and in turn, this saw a rise in the number of complaints made to Ofcom in the later part of last year,” a Post Office spokesperson said to

“We remain committed to continually making our services better for customers and will of course keep working hard to do so over the coming months.”

Sky was named as the least-complaint-about landline provider, with six complaints per 100,000 customers.  µ

Source : Inquirer

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