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Ofcom: Yup, TalkTalk broadband is still the worst for customer service

TELECOMS WATCHDOG Ofcom has named and shamed TalkTalk as the UK’s worst broadband provider for customer service.

Ofcom, which studied how ISPs fare when it comes to customer satisfaction, dealing with complaints and call-waiting times in 2017, once again outed TalkTalk as the most-griped provider among Brit broadband customers. 

TalkTalk customers were less likely to recommend the ISP to others, Ofcom said, noting that noted the firm’s satisfaction was below average.


“TalkTalk customers were also more likely to have a reason to complain and less likely to have their complaint completely resolved,” Ofcom said. 

In response to Ofcom’s report, TalkTalk said it was “disappointed” with the findings, but added that it is “seeing more customers staying with us than ever before as we roll-out major service improvements.

“We’ve closed down our call centres in India, we have introduced new online tools to help customers resolve issues quickly and conveniently, and we are launching new WiFi routers to strengthen network reliability,” a TalkTalk spokesperson told INQ.

“All these initiatives are starting to deliver material improvement in satisfaction levels.”

Virgin Media was the only provider with above-average customer satisfaction for broadband speeds and, with Ofcom noting that its broadband customers are more likely than average to recommend the company to a friend.

Ofcom also cast its eye over the mobile market, where Vodafone and Virgin Mobile fared the worst with both scoring below average in a number of satisfaction rankings, particularly when it comes to handling complaints.

“We know there’s still work to be done,” a Virgin Mobile spokesperson said in a statement. “We’ll be working hard to improve customer satisfaction for our mobile customers and will remain focused on delivering an incredible service across all of our products.”

Vodafone has yet to responded to our request for comment 

At the other end of the scale, Tesco Mobile, Giffgaff and EE all scored highly compared to the sector average across several measures of service quality, and overall, nine in 10 customers said they were satisfied with their mobile phone service, with just 4 per cent having a reason to complain. µ

Source : Inquirer

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