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Office 365 is suffering widespread borkage across Blighty

MICROSOFT’S Office 365 service is currently suffering borkage across the UK. 

Down Detector shows that the borkage, which users claim is affecting Outlook 365 and other Azure hosted services, is affecting services across Blighty, with a handful of reports also coming in from other areas in Europe. 

Some users are complaining that O365 is “completely unusable” with others are reporting a noticeable slowdown, whinging that it’s taking 30 minutes to send and receive emails. 

“365 Outlook having trouble connecting to servers – busy – freezing up and not sending or receiving.. Fastnet have said multiple customers with same problem across UK – other ISP’s saying the same,” one O365 user moans. 

“Currently a UK business centre of 40+ small businesses are all experiencing issues with emails,” another miffed user complained on Twitter

Commenting on the downtime, Pete Banham, cyber resilience expert at Mimecast, said: “Multiple European organisations were struck by Office 365 disruption today as users reported that email services were slow or non-responsive. Operational dependency on the Microsoft environment creates business risks that need be addressed.

“Anyone outsourcing a critical communication service like email must consider a cyber resilience strategy that assures the ability to recover and continue with business as usual.”

We’ll update this article as we hear more.  µ

Source : Inquirer

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