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OnePlus invites punters to create its next OxygenOS feature

CHINESE PHONE MAKER OnePlus is inviting punters to come up with new ideas for OxygenOS, perhaps because it’s ran out of its own ideas.

Either that, or OnePlus is drilling deeper into its long-heralded community focus; the firm has long gathered feedback from users of its smartphones, and even implemented the best ones into its follow-up devices. 

The company on Monday launched the Dragons Den-esque “PMChallenge”, which invites users to design its next big OxygenOS feature; be it a new-and-improved battery saver mode or something original that nobody else has thought of.

Those taking part are being asked to explain the logic behind this product and to detail how it should be implemented, with OnePlus also requesting directions and details via diagram sketches. Ideas can be submitted over at the OnePlus forum until 22 February. 

The best feature will be launched alongside a new device – no doubt the incoming OnePlus 7 – and the smart alec that came up with it will be flown to the launch to “see their idea come to life” and will receive the device it debuts on for free. 

“Since it was born, OnePlus has focused on how we improve your life, solving real problems through intuitive touches. We constantly listen to and work with the OnePlus community to deliver the best possible experience. OxygenOS is a software system that we’ve truly built together as a community,” OnePlus said in a post on its forum. 

“In the past taken on suggestions from the community and we’ve made changes like adding our Gaming Mode, reversing how our three-way-alert slider functions, and adding gesture controls. Now, we’re looking for your say on what we should add next.”

OnePlus says its software team will decide the winning concept, which will be announced mid-March, and that they’ll begin working on it immediately. µ

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