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Openreach will deliver services to a further one million premises

BT-OWNED Openreach has announced plans to equip one million more homes and businesses in Blighty to its ‘ultrafast’ service.

The firm, which boasts that its ultrafast broadband is already available to 1.9 million premises through combination of G.Fast – which speeds up copper connections, and Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), on Monday announced plans to deliver to a further 81 locations across the country.

London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester are be among the company’s chosen few, where a “multimillion pound investment” will see “faster, more reliable broadband services available to local residents and businesses.”

G.Fast, which Openreach has been talking-up since 2015, promises users minimum download speeds of 100Mbs, and maximum speeds of 330Mbps; this will support simultaneous 4K video streams in every room of their house, Openreach boasts, or allow you to download on a film just before leaving home and have it ready to watch on their phone “almost immediately”. 

The technology builds on existing infrastructure and rids of the the need to dig up roads and install new cables, and is also more reliable than traditional connections, as it uses “special software” that can detect and manage service-affecting issues as soon as they occur.

Openreach says says it now plans to use its much-hyped technology to boost speeds on its existing copper networks for 5.7 million customers by the mid-2020s.

If you were hoping for an excitable statement about the extended rollout, Kim Mears, MD for Strategic Infrastructure Development at Openreach, has a doozy.

“Currently, the UK is a world leader in digital infrastructure and services, but as the digital revolution rushes forwards and the demand for data continues to grow, we need to sure we stay ahead of the curve,” she said.

“That’s why we’re investing in faster, more reliable network infrastructure to facilitate all the activities we want to do now, and also those we haven’t even dreamt of doing in ten years’ time.” µ

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