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Opera is going to get rid of all those annoying GDPR cookie popups

SCANDI WEB BROWSER Opera has launched another useful ‘nice to have’ feature – and for us Europeans it’s going to be a proper boon.

Using a mixture of ‘CSS rules and Java heuristics’, users can now turn off those annoying boxes that pop up, asking if you will accept cookies and such – the type of annoying pop up that caused the current legislation on cookies in the first place.

GDPR, the legislation brought in by the European Union, has some serious value, but it has had the side effect of making the internet check if we’re alright every five minutes, and if you’re the sort of person that says ‘yes’ to cookies, then you could sure save a lot of keystrokes per year by letting Opera say yes for you.

Alternatively, you can also have it reject them all instead if you’re the quiet, shy, private type who doesn’t want his bank to know what he’s been looking at in private browsing mode or wharever.

So it’s all or nothing – but if you’re ok with that, it’s a pretty neat feature.

At the moment it’s only available to Android users, but we’re told that it will come to other versions in due course.

As well as the cookie cutter, the new version of Opera also includes proper homescreen shortcuts, so you can put a direct link to your favourite site on your Android home screen, rather than just an instance of the browser.  Plus there’s the ability to change the font of a website if its defaulting to Segoe Script or something equally incomprehensible.

The Chromium-based browser specialises in adding features that aren’t standard (well duh) and therefore aren’t part of the Chrome browser. In recent years it has added an ad-blocker, built in VPN and sidebar for social media access. μ

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