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Opera users claim that Microsoft is opening new tabs to advertise Edge

OPERA USERS are reporting incidences of new tabs being opened without user authorisation on Windows 10 to display adverts for Microsoft’s own Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge, which is the standard for Windows 10 users, has been repeatedly overshadowed by Google Chrome, but it seems from Reddit that it is users of Opera that are being targeted, as spotted by Windows Report.  

Naturally, the accusations have stirred up tribalism amongst Windows vs Linux users, because, well, any excuse, with defenders saying that the original poster must have pressed something to make the screen come up.

Specifically, the screen claims, amongst other things that Edge has a 99 per cent block rate for socially engineered malware against 87 per cent for Chrome and 70 per cent for Firefox.

Notice anything? Yep. Opera isn’t even used in the comparison which instantly makes alarm-bells ring with us. That said, as much as we’d love to say “Microsoft wouldn’t do that would they?”, we’ve been burned that way before. That’s how Updategate became a thing.

We’re taking it all with a pinch of salt. After all, for every scoop that Reddit users bring to the world, there’s “misunderstandings”.

There’s no doubt that one of the perils of the Windows 10/Nadella paradigm is that Windows nags. We know this. It nags about updates, it asks for self-gratification that it’s doing a good job, it just… nags.

And that goes double for Edge. The browser is desperate to be loved. It pops up to tell you how awesome it is when you so much look at another browser in a search. Try and change your default, it’ll try and explain why that’s really not OK.

And let’s be fair. It’s not a bad browser. It lacks a lot of the whistles and bells of those that have been around longer, but it has a few of its own. And as for its security and speed claims, every browser does its own research and claims to have come out on top.

If we thought this was a genuine new tactic from Redmond, we’d be up in arms and throwing accusations around.

In the event, we’re 17 now. We’re grown up. We can get a driving licence. We’re not going to jump to conclusions. But if this one grows into a thing, you know we’re going to be back, waving big sticks. µ

Source : Inquirer

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