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Opera’s long-awaited blockchain assault begins with Android

YOU WAIT all month for a browser then two come along at once. As well as Vivaldi 2.2 which was launched earlier today, its spiritual ancestor Opera has also seen a major update, as it embraces cryptocurrency and the decentralisation of the web.

Opera for Android has been fitted with Web 3.0 features and most notable, a cryptocurrency wallet, a first for one of the big name browsers. Opera is hoping that this will trigger an interest in Bitcoin and similar products, which have taken a dive recently, further increasing the likelihood that John McAfee will have to eat his own dinkle.

The browser will work using the Ethereum network for functionality and the cryptowallet, which should give it a wide compatibility with most coinage.

It’s protected using Android secure key storage (that thing buried in the settings that you’ve never used. Opera believes that this makes it as secure as possible. The Desktop edition syncs to the  Android version, so it uses Google’s security either way.

Other features in the new blockchain-savvy edition include tools to manage your digital identity and using dApps – allowing access to services on the fledgling decentralised internet. Richard Hendricks would be proud. If he was real.

dApps have not had the most auspicious of starts and it is hoped that eventually, simple access  in a mainstream browser will lead to more adoption. As with most p2p traffic, the more users, the better it will get.

At present the showpiece is in the Android version, but Opera has already confirmed that it is working on making the functionality work on the Desktop as well. It’s not out yet, but if you’re feeling brave, you could always try the beta.

If you prefer to keep stable, the Android version is now available in the Google Play Store for your configuring pleasure. μ

Source : Inquirer

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