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Palo Alto residents awake to find burglar asking for the WiFi password

A SILICON VALLEY burglar made a spectacularly stupid decision whilst on the job, waking his victims to ask them for the WiFi password.

Two Palo Alto residents in their sixties were awakened to find a man with a partial face covering demanding the WiFi password.

The local youth, 17, had broken in through a screen door which he had cut. However, why he needed the WiFi password beyond his explanation that he was “out of data” is a little more confusing.

Was the plan to pose a selfie entitled “me and my victims – lol”?

Possibly. We’ll never know because the male resident stood up to him and pushed him out of the house.

Palo Alto police found him wandering around a block away, a short time later, presumably looking for someone who hasn’t got WPA-2 encryption.

The youth, who initially lied about his identity, was picked up on charges of residential burglary, prowling and talking nonsense to an officer.

Later, he was linked to a bike theft 45 minutes before, in which the attacker went to the window to talk to the man, who was beckoning to her.

He asked her for the WiFi code.

It seems that he uses it as a diversionary tactic, designed to confuse victims. If so it worked, because the youth rode away on the victim’s bicycle and they didn’t twig till much later.

Before beckoning to the woman, he’d already moved the bike to the front of the house for a quicker getaway, and indeed the residents watched him cycle away and didn’t twig.

Fortunately, officers recovered and returned the bicycle and are looking to add petty theft to the wrap sheet.

As the criminal is a minor, there’s no further information about him in the public sphere, except to say that if someone randomly asks you for your WiFi code, in your own home, they’re either up to no good, or they’re our old neighbour, Jamie, who was a nightmare for that. Never did buy his own WiFi. We kept having to change the password. Anyway. μ

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