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Planet Computers follows Gemini PDA with QWERTY flagship killer

PLANET COMPUTERS – the company behind the cult Gemini device which updated the Psion PDA for the 21st century has unveiled a successor.

The Cosmo Communicator takes on many of the features that were lacking on the original device to create something that Planet believes could be your main phone.

As Gemini users, we love the device, but yes – it’s not right to be a “main” phone.

Best USP is the 2-inch screen on the outside of the phone which offers up notifications and basic information without having to open the device.

Did we say open? Yes, as with the Gemini, this is a clamshell that hides a QWERTY keyboard within, this time backlit.

There’s also a 24MP camera (the Gemini has just five, and its an optional extra), a fingerprint sensor and a “smart toggle” button and NFC support add the main features lacking from the average flagship.

Like its predecessor, the Cosmo will be capable of running Sailfish and Debian as well as Android 9.0 Pie.

It has wifi, dual-SIM 4G, 6GB of RAM, 128GB or internal storage and microSD support. The beating heart comes from an 8-core Mediatek P70 processor.

Now, we’re not huge fans of reporting on crowdfunders, but with the Gemini proving such a huge success for the start up, we’ve made an exception. The first 500 backers will get the device for $549 (plus shipping) and will be among the first to get their device when it is released next May. Full RRP is $799, which is a lot, but for a device of this spec, could be tempting.

There are also special offers on two devices, five devices, and a limited edition gold edition at $1999.

At the time of writing (Monday lunchtime) the device is 98 per cent funded in just three hours, but there are still about 150 of the Early Bird deals left, so go go go! μ

Source : Inquirer

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