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PornHub owner shows off AgeID gatekeeping system for the UK

ACCESSING GROT ON PORNHUB will soon need an encrypted login for Brits to prove they’re over 18-years-old.

PornHub’s owner Mindgeek this weekend revealed its UK plans for AgeID, an encrypted tool for users to unsurprisingly verify their age when accessing one of the largest porn sites in the world.

Through the use of third-party age verification services, Mindgeek will effectively erect a gate-keeping system to keep people under the age of 18 away from accessing explicit content.

Mindgeek noted that AgeID will not suck up any personal user data of would-be wankers. Instead, it will only swallow “standard technical data” to protect against illegitimate logins and fraud activity.

However, there’s an argument that users will have to put a fair bit of trust in Mindgeek and read the small print to be aware of exactly what data it is collected and how it plans to use it. After the Ashley Madison data breach, we suspect some grot-lovers will be a bit more aware of how sites access and secure their data.

The company will also spread the AgeID love by offering it up to every porn site accessible in the UK. It’ll be free to British porn studios, blogs, and independent producers, and will be available in April, just in time for the government’s Digital Economy Act that mandates age checks on when accessing adult content online.

AgeID has already been in operation since 2015 on porn sites in Germany. And while things seem to be hammering away nicely, there’re a few raised eyebrows over handing verification control over to Mindgeek and its family porn sites, which include YouPorn, Brazzers and RedTube.

There’s a chance that with AgeID, Mindgeek could be in the position to dictate how rival porn sites carry out age checks and could effectively manipulate which porn sites get access to the tool and therefore succeed or get caught up in regulation.

However, if the AgeID is fully open sourced and access is simply granted through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) and other integration techniques, then such concerns could be mitigated. µ

Source : Inquirer

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