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Pre-Apple Steve Jobs CV to go for $50,000 at auction next month

AN ANCIENT JOB APPLICATION belonging to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is going up for auction next month and is expected to go for upwards of $50,000.

And if you thought that wasn’t outrageous enough, the pre-Apple resume is littered with errors.

That’s right, the document doesn’t truly reflect he perfectionism you’d expect from the entrepreneur that went on to found one of the world’s most successful and influential technology companies.

For example, under a section titled “Special Abilities” Jobs simply wrote “tech or design engineer. Digital. – from Bay near Hewitt-Packard [sic],” a typo of the California tech company Hewlett-Packard. Oh LOL. 

Then, later in the application, the former Apple CEO writes only “none” in the box asking for his phone number. And while not an error, Jobs responded on the form that he had a driver’s license, but noted his access to transportation was “possible, but not probable”, something you’d not expect even the most inexperienced job applicants to write.

Errors aside, the CV is not even that extensive. It’s a single page application that simply reflects the Apple founder’s then-future dreams to pursue a career in technology or design. It lists his name as “Steven jobs” and his address as “reed college,” the Oregon college he attended briefly. It will go up for sale next month, Boston-based auction house RR Auction said on Thursday.

However, the document but does not state what position Jobs was applying for. Although it doesn’t really matter now. It was only three years later that Jobs joined forces with his friend Steve Wozniak to found Apple, and the rest is history.

Job’ job application document will be part of a wider pop culture sale by the RR Auction house which will take place between 8-15 8 March this year. µ

Source : Inquirer

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