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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 trounces Intel’s wireless modems in LTE benchmarks

QUALCOMM HAS JUST LAID SOME SMACKDOWN on Intel; its Snapdragon 845 chips found in Android phones crush iPhones with Intel wireless modems in LTE speed tests.

At least that according to data from more than a million user-initiated speed tests, which found that Snapdragon 845 equipped phones have faster cellular speeds and less latency than their Intel equivalents when using T-Mobile and AT&T networks in the US. 

The analysis of said testing was carried out by Ookla, an internet network diagnostic firm, which revealed that the Snapdragon 845 has “double-digit gains” in latency and “triple-digit gains” in download and upload speeds over “Intel-based non-Android smartphones” – think Apple’s iPhone X, though Qualcomm never mentions it by name.

“Whether they’re uploading, downloading, surfing, or streaming, smartphone users expect the best possible wireless experience. This isn’t surprising given they’re asked to pay up to $1,000 for a device. Having this kind of data can help them make informed smartphone purchasing decisions,” said Qualcomm, likely a bit smug about the results.

“Consumers seeking faster everyday 4G LTE connectivity can buy Android smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform, knowing that real-world data supports Qualcomm Technologies’ claims of superior wireless performance.”

Of course, Qualcomm is bound to blow its own trumpet here, but the data supports its claims. And it’s all rather unsurprising really, as Qualcomm has pretty much built its company around its wireless connectivity tech as much as it has around the processors’ performance on its Snapdragon SoCs.

Apple had previously used Snapdragon X16 LTE modems in its iPhone X, but a spate with Qualcomm has seen Cupertino shift over to Intel wireless modems, a decision Tim Cook’s crew might come to regret.

Given Intel might be the exclusive supplier of wireless modems in the next wave of iPhones, Apple may already be ceding LTE performance to Android flagship before its next-gen smartphones have even been revealed.

That being said, Apple could ditch Intel for its iDevice lineup in 2020, so who the hell knows what wireless modems Cupertino’s gadget will then use. µ

Source : Inquirer

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