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Raspberry Pi-powered ‘Pip’ smashes $30,000 Kickstarter target

A KICKSTARTER PROJECT called ‘Pip’ has smashed its crowdfunding target for its Nintendo Switch-a-like device for aspiring coders and hackers.

Designed by educational startup Curious Chip, the device comes powered by a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite, which offers the same power as a standard Raspberry Pi 3 but allows for a more a portable form-factor with a better battery life. 

Specs-wise, the device also packs a 4in 800×480 touchscreen, a 2,000mAh battery, an integrated 5MP camera, two USB ports and a HDMI-out, but it’s most interesting feature is its detachable side controllers similar to those seen on the Nintendo Switch console.

The Pip is aimed squarely at kids that want to get into coding. It comes pre-loaded with a custom browser-based programming tool called Curiosity, which supports Javascript, Python, Lua, PHP and HTML/CSS.

“Pip’s programming tool is called Curiosity, and it’s hosted on Pip itself, accessed via WiFi from any modern web-browser, so there’s no software to download and install,” Curious Chip explains on Kickstarter.

“Curiosity allows Pip to be programmed using a number of popular programming languages. Scratch-inspired drag-and-drop block programming is also supported with our own Google Blockly based editor, making it really easy to access all of Pip’s built-in functionality from a simple, visual programming language.”

Once a project has been created, a built-in emulator lets you try out your code in the browser before sending it to Pip, and then it takes one just click to install your code on Pip over WiFi.

While it’s designed for learning to code and offers the tools for youngsters to create their own games using Scratch, the Pip also comes with a number of pre-loaded games including Snake, Pac-Man and, naturally, Minecraft.  

You can also just swap out the included SD card for a traditional Raspbian Linux distro and use Pip like a regular Pi.

Curious Chip has surpassed its £30,000 target on its Kickstarter page with still has six days to go. µ

Source : Inquirer

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