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Reddit finally offers two-factor authentication to all users

GIF-SHARING WEBSITE Reddit is finally getting two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep user accounts better locked down.

Reddit has been testing the use of 2FA for some time, but now it looks to be finally ready to push it out to all.

“You asked for it, and we’re delivering! Today, all Reddit users have the option to enable two-factor authentication for an additional layer of account security,” said the company in a Reddit post, naturally.

“We have been slowly rolling this feature out, starting with beta testers, moderators, and third-party app developers, to ensure a positive experience across devices. Your feedback has been incredibly valuable, from pointing out bugs to recommending features. Thank you to everyone involved in testing.”

“Two-factor adds more security to your Reddit account by requiring a second step to sign in. In this case, if you opt into 2FA, you’ll access a six-digit verification code generated by your phone after a new sign-in attempt. With two-factor enabled, even if someone else obtained your Reddit username and password, they still could not log in as you.”

If users lose their phone or the Reddit app has a case of the tech hiccups, Reddit will supply each user with 10 one-off codes to allow them to authenticate their accounts securely.

So that’s all good news for paranoid Reddit users who want to make sure any of the noise they spout on the site does indeed come from them and not someone else masquerading as an angry poser peeved at… well… pretty much everything under the sun.

While 2FA is enabled on desktop, mobile and third-party versions of Reddit, it needs to be turned on by users by accessing the ‘password/email’ tab in the desktop version.

One might wonder why 2FA isn’t switched-on automatically, especially for new Reddit users. But the reason for having it as an option could simply be for user ease-of-use in the same way two-factor authentication isn’t enabled by default in Google’s Gmail.

2FA isn’t the be all and end all of cybersecurity but it at least throws another hurdle in the way of have-a-go hackers. µ

Source : Inquirer

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