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Reddit is bringing its live chat feature into public beta

REDDIT USERS are in for a retro treat as the site starts rolling out live chat-rooms as a public beta to more subreddits on a daily basis.

One of the (thousands of) admins from Reddit, in this case, u/ityoclys has explained his (her?) experiences with the beta, which has been in limited private beta for some time.

Reddit Chat is aimed at fostering closer relations between Redditors and the original private beta was a way for the company and moderators to get to know a group of testers and let them get to know each other.

A new user called u/reddit_chat_feedback was added to participants lists, which as ityoclys points out, is a bit like Tom from MySpace (ask your granny).

After initial tests, the implication seems to be that chatting live and one-on-one is, for the most part, less likely to be troll-ridden, and that ‘most people are actually quite nice’.

For those that do troll, the instant feedback has made it easier to talk the troll round to being a bit more reasonable, rather than the stilted and inadvisable back and forth of a conventional Reddit.

At this stage not every subreddit will have a live chat option and not every moderator/community will want one, it’s entirely optional.

Everything is anonymous – no real names, no personal data, and no avatars – everyone has a picture of Snoo the Robot, and that’s just fine.

What is noticable in these live chat rooms is a reminder of a days-gone-by version of the internet – a more innocent time when trolling didn’t have a name and we were all in it for the LOLs.

The other thing is that it serves as a timely reminder of the things that make us all the same. Stripping out our preconceptions of each other means starting on a level playing, which is kinda nice.

Whether or not it’s easy to keep the trolls at bay is another matter which we’ll only see when the feature has matured. μ

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