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Renders suggest the next iPad Pro draws inspiration from iPhone 4 design

APPLE’S NEXT IPAD PRO could draw design inspiration from the industrial aesthetics of the venerable iPhone 4.

That’s if renders courtesy of  Steve Hemmerstoffer, a reputable tech leaker, who created renders of what the next 12.9in iPad Pro could look like based on purported CAD that he managed to get his hands on.

While previous iPads sport rounded edges, the renders show a fondle slate with sharper edges that resemble those on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

You could say this gives the supposed design of the next iPad Pro a rather retro look. But Apple is keen for the iPad Pro to slip deeper into professional use, and to our eyes the industrial design to the edges makes the iPad Pro look more like a device high-flying executive types would use.

Other design features include the removal of a home button which would suggest the next iPad Pro will use gesture like controls as seen with the iPhone X. Such a design would mean the iPad Pro is basically all screen, which would certainly make it striking.

On the iPads rear that’s what appears to be a camera bump that looks similar to that on the iPhone 8, though we would never advocate taking photos with even an iPad Mini let alone a hefty 12.9in slate.

And really that’s about all the renders reveal, There’s no word on specs, but we can expect to see the latest A-series chip from Cupertino’s boffins, likely with some boosted graphical power to polish the pixels of the iPad Pro’s display.

There’s also no sign of potential accessories to go with the iPad Pro, but we can expect an updated keyboard accessory.

We’d really like to see some form of output that allows the iPad to be used with an external display and offer some form of Chrome OS like take on macOS, but that’s wishful thinking as Apple has previously said it’ll not mix iOS with macOS. µ

Source : Inquirer

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