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Ring announces $100,000 bejewelled smart doorbell (it’s ok, it’s for charity)

Ring Elite Crown Jewels. I mean, it’s silly, but for the best reasons…

SMART HOME security company Ring has announced the world’s most expensive doorbell.

The Ring Elite Crown Jewel edition has been created in association with fine jewellery specialist Bijan and Selfridges and will retail for $100,000.

With only ten being made, the jewel-encrusted doorbell, based on the Ring Elite high-end model, will raise $1,000,000 for charities that work to reduce crime in neighbourhoods, reflecting Ring’s mission.

Yes, we know, it’s crazy, but we love Ring, and we love supporting charities, so let’s roll with this… 

Like the standard model, it has 1080p video which can be streamed to your phone or computer, motion activated alerts, infrared night vision and two-way intercom.

However, unlike the regular model which retails at $499, the Crown Jewel edition includes 33.20 carats of sapphires, 0.56 carats of diamonds and 98.05kg of yellow gold. The faceplate is cast in 18K yellow gold with over 2000 sapphires and 40 diamonds set into its surface.

It sounds ridiculous, but in fact, at the launch event last night, we were told that, even before the announcement, Ring and Selfridges have had expressions of interest, and the ten devices will almost certainly sell out for Christmas.

Jamie Siminoff, Chief Inventor and Founder of Ring, said: “Every decision we make as a company centres on our mission to reduce crime in neighbourhoods. Outside of our day to day, the team works tirelessly to bring our mission to life through Ring’s charitable arm, by partnering and working with various police, prison reform programs, in-school initiatives and by providing free product to neighbourhoods in need.

“I’m excited to now bring this to UK neighbourhoods in a way we haven’t before. By working with Smartech in Selfridges, we can not only continue our mission but help to support local charities with theirs.”

Siminoff, who tirelessly promotes the system was present for the launch, before flying off to the US where he will be spending this Saturday selling his products on QVC for ten hours in a twenty-four hour period as part of the channel’s biggest event of the year.

We grabbed some time with Jamie and you’ll be able to read that interview closer to Christmas. In the meantime, if you’ve got $100,000 to burn, the Crown Jewel Edition is available in the Smartech department of Selfridges, Oxford Street. µ

Source : Inquirer

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