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Russia plans to fix ISS computer by switching it off and on again

ASTROBORKAGE ENSUES as one of the computers on the Russian module of the International Space Station appears to have gone wrong.

The Interfax news agency cites a source from the US side of the Station which

The Zvezda section, to give it its official name, has three computers in total, so there’s a miniscule risk of ever being without one, but nevertheless it’s bound to be a bit scary, given that so much of the things that stop you from, you know, dying, in space depend on machines.

So like any good technicians the team are going to do what comes naturally – switch it off and switch it on again.  Really. It’s happening tomorrow (Thursday).

“In order to restore the computer’s workability, it is necessary to reset it,” they quoth.

Assuming that works, it’ll be just in time for the new crew of the ISS which is due to take off on November 11th.

To that end, there’s been a bit of a wobble in progress in space recently, particularly on the Roskosmos (Russian) side – there’s been an air leak in the Russian sleeping quarters which depressurised the entire station, and last week a new crew (yes, that one) and supply mission was aborted shortly after take off because the computer systems failed to spot the borkage.

Hopefully there’s truth in the saying that things come in threes, and this is the last one.

Meanwhile, the Americans continue to work with HP which designed a “space printer” specifically for use in zero gravity. ISS computers run Debian Linux, if you were wondering, having dropped Microsoft back in 2013 in favour of something a liittle more open and sourcey.

Microsoft remains involved in other ways though, such as VR/AR from its Hololens contraption.

By the way, if you’re wondering, they fixed the hole in the side of the ship with duct tape, because of course they did. μ

Source : Inquirer

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