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Russia’s cutting edge robot turns out to be bloke in costume

RUSSIA HAS been demonstrating the latest in cutting edge robotics, and it seems the secret is in the innards.

“Boris” was shown on state TV yesterday as part of the Proyektoria youth forum on technology, but soon social media began to swirl with suspicions of the robot that has “already learned to dance”.

And dance he did, but viewers were suspicious – his dancing seemed erratic – like a human in fact, there was no evidence of external sensors to allow Boris to see his environment.

Most importantly – why does this perfect-humanoid-sized bucket of bolts have a visible neckline?

Sure enough, “Boris” was really “Alyosha” a £3000 robot costume made by a company called Show Robots.

“I know mathematics well but I also want to learn to draw,” claimed Boris. He then went on to dance to Skibidi by Little Big, which should be a punishable offence within itself because it’s impossible to be a robot and do those loose hipped dance moves.

MBKh Media, Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s opposition news agency showed what it says is the man in the suit, sans robot head, ahead of the performance.

The organisers of the forum have said that they never said the robot was real, suggesting that if its true nature wasn’t made clear, it was down to state TV coverage, over which they have very little control.

There was clearly some manouvering behind the scenes after the rouse was revealed, with the report pulled from the YouTube channel of Russia-24, the state owned rolling news channel.

It was later restored, but there’s still a lot of confusion around the incident, not least of all how they thought they’d ever get away with it.

You can view the report below, as well as the Skibidi video because we don’t see why you shouldn’t suffer it too. μ

Source : Inquirer

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