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Samsung boffins build better battery tech by grappling with graphene

GRAPPLING WITH GRAPHENE has seen Samsung create battery tech that charges five times as fast as a standard Lithium-ion pack.

Likely motivated to make a battery that not only doesn’t explode but beats every other power pack out there, sticking two fingers up at the people who laughed at the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, boffins from Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology created a ‘graphene ball’ which can move electricity through it 140 times faster than silicon.

This means such a battery made out of graphene, which is essentially an atomic-scale hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms, can charge in 12 minutes as opposed to the hour Lithium-ion batteries tend to take to fully fill-up even with fast-charging tech.

But speedy charging generates heat, which is one of the culprits being the rather fiery Galaxy Note 7 battery packs. So Samsung’s smart folks have worked to have the graphene battery tech remain stable at 60 degrees Celsius, thereby avoiding getting too hot and bothered.

The South Korean tech giant has gone hunting for patents in its home nation and the US, but that doesn’t mean the Galaxy S9 will come rocking a graphene battery pack. And it’s unlikely such technology will make its way into gadgets for some time.

If fact, there’s precious little information around what Samsung plans to do with its graphene technology, other than the mind-bending technicalities of the actual research its brainiacs have done into graphene and its electrical abilities.

But it’s good to see Samsung at least explore alternatives to the rather degradable Lithium-ion batteries, particularly while the likes of Apple dick around with animated poo emojis and redundant touch bars. µ

Source : Inquirer

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