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Samsung brings Linux desktop to its mobile devices with DeX beta

SAMSUNG HAS RELEASED its Linux on DeX solution to the quandary of how to best use phones as desktop machines more convincingly.

For all its wonderful qualities, Android has never been aimed at keyboard and mouse users, and whilst five years ago everyone assumed that was fine because we’d all be using tablets anyway, it’s 2018 and most people have stuck to what they know.

But with our devices becoming ever more powerful, sometimes as powerful as our PCs, there needs to be a way to harness them. Huawei has its Desktop Mode, but other solutions like Remix OS and Google’s own Pixel C, have fallen by the wayside. For Google – Android apps in the more sympathetic Chrome OS have been the solution.

Samsung has joined the party with a link up with Canonical, offering a tailored version of Ubuntu that will give you a complete Linux environment on your Samsung phone or tablet, specifically the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tablet S4 – anything older is no-go right now.

At this stage, there are no other distros available, and anything designed for Intel processors only won’t work. Android is itself based on the Linux kernel and primarily ARM-based, so we don’t expect any major issues with ARM apps.

If you want to take part, the primary audience for this is developers who, let’s face it, love to code on the hoof. But if you have a compatible device, you have until December 14th to sign up to take part. The beta starts today, so you could be up and running by the end of your lunch hour if you’re quick.

It will be interesting to see if there is much demand for this hybrid solution, which was also tried by Canonical in the days when it had hopes for its own mobile phones, but later retired. μ

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