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Samsung is selling a vertical TV for idiots who can’t work their phone properly

Samsung is selling a vertical TV for idiots who can't work their phone properly

Scientists have been working on ways to watch TV sideways since the 1950s

SAMSUNG HAS ANNOUNCED a television that can easily switch between vertical and horizontal orientation, claiming its what the millennials are clamouring for.

The logic is fairly sound. With so much video content being erroneously filmed with the phone held vertically, the Sero is designed to give those sh*ttily constructed videos full-screen real estate.

The Sero boasts a 43in screen, with 4.1 channel sound clocking in at a respectable 60 watts. Samsung is hoping that people will treat it as a media hub, not just a telly. It can also be used for casting your phone (in sh*tty or horizontal) and of course by flipping it around, it makes a fine tellybox too.

Samsung also offers picture frame functionality, meaning that your telly doesn’t just go black when it’s off. And because Samsung secretly hates millennials, the Bixby voice assistant that nobody loves is included too, in lieu of something useful.

The Sero is mounted on a floor stand that looks like a navy blue easel. It’s attractive enough but contextually, it’s flipping weird (with an emphasis on the ‘flipping’ part).

At present, the TV, which would make a great 43in ebook reader, will tested in Samsung’s home market of South Korea for a not insubstantial 1.89m KRW (around £1,250) and has promised to watch out for feedback.

In other words, Samsung is the latest firm to effectively charge users for being their guinea pigs…. sorry, beta testers.

Samsung faces an uphill struggle for this idea to catch on. The horizontal orientation of screens is deliberate, and designed to be easier on the eye in a way that isn’t as relevant on a mobile held inches from your noggin. The move to widescreen 16:9 ratio improved that eye comfort, and it didn’t do it by increasing the vertical.

But who is to question the wisdom of millennials? Maybe this is the future of television and we’re all too long in the tooth to appreciate it.

Alternatively, not. μ

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