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Samsung pledges to use 100 per cent renewable energy by 2020

KOREAN ELECTRONICS GIANT Samsung wants you to know that, like Apple, it’s concerned about the environment too. 

In an announcement on Thursday, the company revealed a commitment to build on its strong progress of energy efficiency and operational emissions reductions.

This, the firm said, is in a bid to expand the use of renewable energy in its operations.

“Samsung Electronics’ renewable energy goals are part of its ongoing efforts to demonstrate its commitment to environmental responsibility,” the firm claimed in a statement.

“[We are] making a concerted effort in the United States, Europe and China – markets that are well-equipped with infrastructure for the development and transmission of renewable energy – to increase its use of renewable energy.”

As part of this plan, the company promises to source renewable energy for a whopping 100 per cent of the energy used for all of its factories, office buildings, and operational facilities in the United States, Europe and China by 2020..

In the medium to long-term, the company will seek to further increase its use of renewable energy around the world, it said.

To try and prove how serious it is about this, this, rather adventurous commitment, Samsung has joined the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF’s) Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles and the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewables Center.

“With these efforts in place, Samsung is positioned to increase its use of renewable energy globally to match the equivalent amount of energy created by an average 3.1GW solar power plant by 2020,” the firm’s statement continued. “This amount of electricity is comparable to the annual energy consumption of about 115,000 four-person Korean households.”

Samsung claimed it will also engage its partners across the supply chain. Beginning next year, Samsung plans to work with its top 100 partner companies to help them set their own renewable energy targets, in partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Program, which the company also intends to join next year. 

There’ll be further details coming regarding these big energy-saving plans in the firm’s upcoming Sustainability Report 2018. µ

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