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Samsung showcases screens that are big, smart and will probably bankrupt you

SAMSUNG WILL SLATHER its display tech all over your house and offices given the chance, slapping TVs to walls and digitalising wall charts. At least that’s what its CES 2018 showcase appears to be all about thus far.

Take a look at Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ TV, because you can’t really miss it, which at 146 inches is bloody massive. But it’s more than just a big display.

The Wall, according to Samsung, is “the world’s first modular tv” in that you can connect a bevvy of the screens together to create some form of massive TV setup. This is probably not the TV for people in cramped London flats.

The massive TV uses MicroLED technology, which is basically like OLED displays tech only without the organic bit (the O in OLED).

MicroLED displays can provide their own light source meaning there’s no need for girth adding backlights or filters, but at the same time, they tech apparently doesn’t suffer from screen burn-in. So yeah, this could be the next big thing in TV tech.

The Wall is also bezel-less which is also pretty swish. But the TV is likely some way off from hitting houses, or more likely mansions, near you.

However, Samsung’s 8K resolution Q9S QLED TV is the screen to look out for this year.

Showcased in an 85in guise, the TV uses a technology called ‘micro full array’, an evolution of full-array local dimming, which in basic terms means it can deliver 10,000 lighting zones, retina-searing brightness and black levels to match OLED displays.

That’s all well and good, but 4K TVs are still pretty novel, so what’s the point of an 8K set? Well probably not much to the average TV watcher, but the neat trick the Q9S has is that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) tech to upscale video content to make use of the screens mountain of pixels.

The TV will also keep learning as it goes along to ensure it extracts the most visual goodness it can out of upscaled content.

Support for HDR10+ is also on offer because Samsung has a vested interest in the dynamic range enhancing standard.

The Q9S is slated to arrive in the second half 2018, likely to come in sizes above 65 inches, but there’s no price tag for it yet; we reckon it’ll be a proper wallet emptier. But at least Samsung is bringing an 8K TV to the market rather than just have it as a something fancy to show off at CES.

However, with the MicroLED tech in The Wall, the days of Samsung’s QLED displays could be numbered once that tech can be scaled down to fit TV more easily integrated into the average home.

Rounding off Sammy’s screen takeover it the Flip, an interactive digital flipchart that’s all about easy sharing and collaborative annotations.

People can interact with the board’s UHD display using a stylus, tablet, smartphone or PC, all facilitating that supposed utopian idea of everyone joyfully working together on shared concepts; the reality is probably a lot more grim, with tantrums and scrubbing out the digital doodles of others sure to be preset.

No word on cost, but Samsung has plans to push out the Flip later this month, so expect it to crop up in a fancy office or creative studio near you.

So Samsung’s CES showcase is so far all about screens, which is unsurprising for a company with a range of excellent TVs under its corporate belt, but we’d still like to have some hints about the Galaxy S9 though. µ

Source : Inquirer

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