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Samsung won’t let Galaxy users fully delete Facebook app from their phones

LIKE SAMSUNG PHONES BUT HATE FACEBOOK? Then bad news folks as the pre-installed Facebook app on Samsung phones can’t be permanently deleted.

That’s thanks to a deal between Samsung and Facebook, Bloomberg reported, which means that on devices such as the Galaxy S8, the Facebook app can only be disabled not deleted.

US photographer Nick Winke flagged the situation when digging around in online forums pertaining to Samsung phones, where there were complaints about the inability to uninstall the Facebook app.

“It just absolutely baffles me that if I wanted to completely get rid of Facebook that it essentially would still be on my phone, which brings up more questions,” Winke told Bloomberg. “Can they still track your information, your location, or whatever else they do? We the consumer should have say in what we want and don’t want on our products.”

A Facebook spokesperson told Bloomberg that if the app is disabled it effectively acts as if it has been deleted and no longer sucks up information.

And it was noted that whether pre-installed Facebook apps on other phones are deletable depends on the deal Facebook has struck with phone makers. So the same issue that appears to be blighting the Galaxy S8, thus far, could be affecting other Android phones; stop sniggering at the back iPhone users.

You might not think this isn’t a big deal, but given all the stink Facebook got caught up in across 2018, there are a good handful of folks who don’t want anything to do with the social network.

So not being able to fully purge the app from their new swanky smartphones might irk some people, and such deletion limitations don’t really seem to track with the open and flexible nature of the Android operating system.

That being said, in Samsung’s case this isn’t too surprising given the South Korean company has previously stuffed its new handsets with all manner of software, which arguably could be seen as bloatware given stock Android already provides a decent suite of apps to get started with. µ

Source : Inquirer

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