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Series 2 launch episode – RDP exposed [PODCAST]

The Naked Security Podcast is back!

Everyone loved the content of our podcasts, but quite a few of you said that you found them hard to listen to.

We didn’t have a studio to record in, so the sound quality wasn’t great – you had to concentrate on the words themselves rather than their meaning.

Some of you said that it sounded as though we’d recorded our Series 1 episodes in a meeting room…

…and the reason was that we had.

Well, we heard you loud and clear, even if you couldn’t always hear us the same way – we’ve now got a brand new studio, soundproofing on the walls, new microphones and even a cool acoustic sofa. (That’s like a regular sofa, but more so.)

So, here’s our Series 2 Launch Episode, entitled RDP Exposed.

Host Anna Brading talks to Matt Boddy, Ben Jones and Mark Stockley about their latest research into RDP attacks and just how quickly crooks can (and will) find you online.

Listen now, and let us know what you think!

You can find out more about our RDP research here on Naked Security, or by reading the full report.

Source : Naked Security

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