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Sheffield council joins London in suspending Uber

SHEFFIELD HAS become the second UK city to issue a temporary ban on crapsicab company Uber.

The decision by Sheffield City Council comes after the company failed to reassure the council about how the company is being managed. It is understood that the request for information has gone unanswered.

Uber will be allowed to operate until December 18th, and further will be allowed to continue if it appeals the suspension (which, let’s face it, it will).

If Uber decides not to appeal, its licence will be formally suspended.

It is understood that Uber was already applying for a new licence instead under the name Uber Britannia Limited and that is being considered. This application was received on 18th October.

A Council spokesman explained, “Any new application is dealt with by the Licensing department who will decide if those applying for the licence meet the criteria. It will only be referred to the licensing sub-committee if a decision by the committee is required. “The legislation does not allow for the transfer of an operator’s licence.”

An Uber spokesperson told the Sheffield Star “We informed Sheffield Council on October 5 that we would need to change the name on our licence as the named individual would soon be leaving the company.

“The council told us they couldn’t change the name on the licence, as most other councils have done, and that instead, we would have to apply for a new one. “We submitted an application for a new licence on October 16. While the council has therefore suspended the current licence on our application for a new licence continues to be processed.

“We hope our application for a new licence will be resolved before December 19 so that we can continue serving tens of thousands of riders and drivers in Sheffield.”

It is not currently clear whether there was an issue with the old licence which is bringing the issue of replacing it into further question, or whether this is all council red tape.

Uber is currently appealing its London licence suspension which saw it declared “unfit” to operate in the capital. µ

Source : Inquirer

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