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Sky implements pirate sinking ‘three strike’ rule in Ireland

GARRR TIS BUT A STRIKE is what we’ll expect Irish cyber pirates to type in response to Sky’s plans to implement a ‘three strikes’ anti-piracy rule in Ireland.

Under such a scheme, subscribers to Sky, in Ireland at least, will have two chances to be nabbed pirating music online, on the third nabbing Sky will grass them up to record labels who’ll then be able to take legal action, according to Torrent Freak.

The move comes from Sky agreeing to adopt the ‘cease and desist’ protocol that two other major Irish internet service providers, Eircom and Virgin, have also adopted following a High Court decision made in 2015.

This was all thanks to pressure from big music and content labels, such as Sony, Universal and Warner, which brought legal action against Eircom then dropped court action once the ISP agreed to adopt the three strikes rule.

While Sky had avoided the attention of the record labels, it only said it would comply with the three strikes rule if requested to do so by a court order obtained by the labels.

“Copyright holders who believe broadband users have unlawfully shared content online have the option of taking their cases to court. If the order is granted, the service provider must comply and Sky would, of course, comply with any such order,” Sky said.

But the Irish Recorded Music Association, which acted a an umbrella representative of the record labels initiated a claim in the Republic of Ireland’s High Court and thus Sky settled in favour of adopting the three strikes rule.

Such a rule might seem a little like treating pirates like naughty school children but it appears to be working according to Jonathan Newman, the lawyer representing the labels at court, reported the Irish Examiner.

Given some less tech and online savvy people could end up pirating content by mistake thanks to an inadvertent google of “Avengers Infinity War watch now online computer” we feel a three strike rule seem reasonable. µ

Source : Inquirer

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