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Slack is now SNES compatible (sort of)

IS NOWHERE SAFE from people not understanding how to use Slack’s “@channel” function? It’s bad enough getting notifications to your phone or wrist when you’re off work, but you’d have thought a 1995 SNES game might offer a bit of sanctuary from the pressures of office life.

Well, you’d broadly be right, of course, but let’s say you really didn’t want to miss any urgent messages. Slack engineer Bertrand Fan has managed to get Slack messages to appear in 1995’s BS-X: The Story of the Town Whose Name was Stolen.

Couldn’t he have picked a more popular game? No: the game’s unusual gameplay and additional hardware is key to getting Slack working in-game. BS-X shipped for Super Famicon (the Japanese SNES) with a modem accessory called the Satellaview, which sounds ludicrous until you remember that eight years later Nintendo would be selling a game with wired bongo drums.

Anyway, the Satellaview worked by receiving satellite transmissions to send messages to BS-X every day for five years. If Nintendo could send data in-game, surely anything could?

Without a SNES, Satellaview or his own satellite network, Fan found a workaround. Using a SNES emulator, an 8bitdo controller mod kit and software called SatellaWave, Fan found a way to push Slack messages to the in-game merchants as items that could be bought in game.

The sender and time appeared as the title, and the contents of the message became the description. A bit of code, a bot and Slack’s API combine to ensure that messages get sent through to the emulator in real time.

It’s not the easiest way to read Slack, of course, nor does it allow you to reply to messages. But in an absolute pinch, you could use this to check in on your favourite channel. On top of this, it’s amusing to think that Slack has put more time into adding SNES support than it has on supporting Windows Phone recently. µ

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