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Smashing news: Aussie researchers mess with elements to prevent cracked smartphone screens

BUTTER-FINGERED BUFFONS rejoice, as boffins have discovered a way to stop cracked smartphone screens and silence the wails of despairing tech fans.

Popping up from down under to say g’day, researchers from the Australian National University, presumably in between dodging poisonous creatures and constant BBQs, have been heading up the development of shatter-proof glass for mobiles.

The antipodean smart Bruces and Sheilas have figured out a way to take glass that normally forms phone screens, simply called Aluminosilicate  (‘strewth!) and add new elements to it, such as sodium and potassium.

From this meddling, the researchers found that a new atomic structure was able to be used to form a pane of glass for a phone screen, with the potential to make it more flexible and ultimately more resistant to shattering.

“We inferred that we could use this knowledge to search for new properties and make glass harder,” lead researcher Dr Charles Le Losq told ABC.

That’s great news for people with phones rocking fancy edge-to-edge displays, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8. But hold your kangaroos, as the good Dr reckons it’ll be a while before we have such hench smartphone screens.

“This will require further work of course and will also require some collaboration with the industry. Now we can build on this but we’re talking time frames of maybe five to 10 years,” explained Le Losq. Dammit.

Still, Le Losq is in good spirits about the whole situation, not just because he’s in a country that doesn’t have to suffer the ravages of a dull grey British winter. But because he sees the research and development all pushing towards a future where the privileged nightmare of a chipped or cracked phone display is a thing of the past.

“The glass structure is still an ongoing problem for the material science community, so it’s very important to do this first step,” he said, with what we can imagine was a slightly zealous tone.

So yeah, that’s some ironically smashing new stuff to look forward to, particularly if you’re as relentlessly clumsy as our editor Carly ‘it just broke’ Page. µ

Source : Inquirer

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