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Someone just paid $375,000 for an original Apple I

GENERALLY SPEAKING, WHEN you buy a bit of technology, the moment you take it to the till is the high point of its value. For every day you use it, the value will depreciate until you’re practically or literally giving it away.

But if you hang on to something long enough, you may be surprised that the downward trend of the graph lifts back up again. In the case of one 1976 Apple I, that initial price of $666.66 has increased by 56150 per cent, selling at auction for $375,000.

The reason for the extraordinary value of the Apple I is its scarcity – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak handbuilt just 200 Apple I devices.

This particular unit, sold by RR Auction, had been restored to working order in June and had no modifications to its original board. Even so, if $375,000 sounds like quite a lot to pay for a computer with 1Mhz processor and 4KB RAM, the auctioneers sweetened the deal with a period-specific keyboard and monitor. T

They even threw in the original Apple documentation, just in case the new owner runs into problems, which is just as well. You can’t expect a 42-year-old computer to be covered by AppleCare, after all.

In fact, in the mad greater scheme of old Apple tech, this is a relative bargain: one Apple I went for $905,000 back in 2014, and another went for $815,000 in 2016.

Let’s not get carried away though: there are cheaper ways of owning a piece of Apple history, even in the same auction. A Macintosh Plus Computer signed by Steve Jobs went for ‘just’ $28,750, while an annual report with the founder’s signature went for another $23,750. We’ll sell you our old iPhone 3GS for the bargain price of just $10,000, if you ask nicely.

If Apple enthusiasts have this kind of money to throw around, maybe the £1,449 for a 512GB iPhone XS Max isn’t that unreasonable after all? At least you can actually get email on it. µ

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