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Sony accidentally posts a whole movie instead of its trailer

This is a film. Not the type you get on custard

UPLOADING CONTENT is hard. Whether its waiting around while YouTube processes the file, or going to your website to discover there’s an empty box where you thought you’d embedded Keyboard Cat, it’s simply not as straightforward as you might think.

Spare a thought, then for a Sony employee who, when tasked with uploading a trailer, and accidentally uploaded the whole ruddy movie.

Since you ask, Khali The Killer is a blacksploitation-esque crime romp, which actually came to DVD last year, but is now getting a theatrical rollout too.

Reddit, being Reddit, went nuts for the mistake in the limited time the film was left online. One pointed out that the trailer spoiled the whole movie. Others speculated that the whole thing was an elaborate PR exercise for an unlikely hit.

Neither Sony or YouTube was willing to comment on the true nature of the borkage, but given how easy it is to do, there’s every likelihood that it’s a simple case of human error.

With Sony still recovering from hacks in recent years in which some major film and TV material was leaked ahead of time, and loads of employee data swiped this is another embarrassment.

However, this time seems less likely to be a cyber hack from a country retaliating for a movie mocking its leader which wasn’t as good as people made out, anyway, and more like some junior clicking the wrong button.

As for the movie? Is it worth leaking? Erm…. no:

“If only that movie was worth watching even when free.”

“I tried. It’s not worth it.”

“I usually give movies 30 minutes. I got almost 5 minutes in and gave up.”

Another suggests that this a The Producers job with the loss of revenue mentioned as a possible mitigator for an insurance job.

In reality, we may never know. μ

Source : Inquirer

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