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Sony’s PS5 will reportedly launch in 2020 powered by an AMD Navi GPU

THE PLAYSTATION FIVE, or “PS5” if you’re down with the kids, will launch 2020 and be powered by AMD’s Navi GPU chip, new reports have claimed.

While it was previously reported that the much-anticipated console will be using AMD’s Ryzen CPU tech, it looks like the chip maker will have some involvement in the PS5’s graphics chip, too.

At least that’s according to WCCFtech, which cites “sources intimately familiar with the entire situation”.

The report also suggests this is the reason behind AMD not announcing a new GPU at Computex this year, because it has found custom-applications for consoles a much more financially attractive space.

“Here is a fun fact: Vega was designed primarily for Apple and Navi is being designed for Sony – the PS5 to be precise,” the report states, right before going on to explain AMD’s roadmap for Navi and how it’s dependent on Sony.

“This meant that the graphics department had to be tied directly to the roadmap that these semi-custom applications followed. Since Sony needed the Navi GPU to be ready by the time the PS5 would launch (expectedly around 2020) that is the deadline they needed to work on.”

It was reported in March that games designers already have access to the PS5 development kits. That was according to high-profile industry insider Marcus Sellars, who’s famed for leaking high-profile information about games hardware and software companies.

At the time, he claimed that Sony has officially released the PS5 developer kits to third-party companies, writing on Twitter, the analyst said: “PS5 dev kits went out early this year to third-party developers”.

Although Sellars did not publish any evidence to back-up his claims, he is widely seen as a reputable source of inside information in the games industry. For instance, he leaked details about the Nintendo Switch Port of ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. µ

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