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Sony’s Xperia XZ3 Premium will reportedly pack an 18:9 ratio display

SONY HASN’T EVEN put the Xperia X2 Premium smartphone on sale yet, but the online rumour mill is already pumping out leaks about another potential Sony device in the works: the Xperia XZ3 Premium.

The Xperia X2 Premium was revealed earlier this summer, and the non-Premium Xperia XZ3 hasn’t yet made its debut – although rumours point to an unveiling at IFA 2018 in August.

That hasn’t stopped yet more online leaks from spreading about a smartphone even further ahead in the future, which we potentially won’t see for another 12 months. 

The leaks suggest that the so-called Xperia XZ3 Premium will debut with an 18:9 screen, a super wide display that Sony hasn’t featured before in any of its previous handsets. 

Usually, Sony Xperia phones boast a more standard 16:9 display, so the leak might well suggest the firm is thinking of changing this up for future models, as with a lot of other big smartphone brands.

The resolution of the screen will apparently be 3840×1920, though, which – while greater than most current Sony devices – would make it less pixel heavy than the display found oo the Xperia XZ2 Premium, strangely.

The rumour of the much wider 18:9 ratio screen comes in the form of a user agent profile listing obtained by Sumahoinfo, for a Sony phone with the model number H8616. While that doesn’t really tell us much about what future Sony phone it actually refers to, many experts in the field are speculating from the model number of the rumoured Sony Xperia XZ3, which is H8416. Naturally, we’d assume the high number is the next model along. 

The only other clue of what the future phone might bring with it is that it’s running Android P, which isn’t so surprising as it should have hit the market by the time the supposed XZ3 Premium is officially outed. µ 

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