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Spam calls have exploded during 2018

SPAM CALLS are getting worse. A lot worse.

According to an annual report from Truecaller, a Swedish appmaker which specialises in community-led caller ID and spam blocking, the number of calls marked by users or its systems as spam shot up from 5.5bn calls in 2017 to a whopping 17.7bn this year.

The worst stats come out of Brazil where a staggering 81 per cent increase has left the average Brazilian to deal with 37.5 spam calls every month.

This beats last year’s ‘winner’ India which has been dwarfed, but still manages an unhealthy second place in the league table and in fact still manages to move up to second place.

That’s because the USA, last year’s second place has seen a huge drop to eighth, despite one in ten adults having reportedly lost money in scams.

The United Kingdom is rocking 17th place like a good Eurovision result, but that doesn’t mean it’s a pretty picture. There’s still 9.2 spam calls per person per month, up slightly from 8.5 last year.

30 per cent of telemarketing calls were from PPI claim companies as the countdown to claim money has made the industry push further to try and catch stragglers and take their pound of flesh.

There has been a big rise in calls from debt collectors – 18 per cent of calls – as more people struggle to make ends meet.

Finally and most worryingly, scams have doubled in the last year from eight per cent, to sixteen per cent.

All this comes despite the major providers trying every trick in the book to stop such calls. 

Although this is very much statistical rather than market research, adding to its credibility (in our eyes at least) this data is extrapolated from TrueCaller users. That means that it isn’t the whole population, but it’s certainly a cross-section.

Other types of calls measured included ‘nuisance’ calls, financial companies and telecoms operators, but these are a seeming drop in the ocean by comparison. μ

Source : Inquirer

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