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SSD prices fall to new lows as PC market rebounds

SSD PRICES have fallen to new lows with 120GB drives now costing around £25 or less, 240GB drives now available for less than £35, and 500GB SSDs now under £75.

1TB SSDs, meanwhile, are closing in on the £150 mark, while the gap between standard 2.5-inch SSDs and ultra-fast NVMe M.2 SSDs has also rapidly closed.

It follows a series of price cuts by major online retailers this week, with Aria PC and Scan now selling branded 120GB SSDs from Kingston and Gigabyte at below £20. For just over £10 more, buyers can also get 240GB SSDs from Kingston, Western Digital and Team Group. 

The fall in prices of SSDs comes as the prices of graphics cards also returns (more or less) to normal following a bubble in prices instigated by the crypto-currency craze. 

Ebuyer, for example, is offering the MSI RX570 Armor 8GB for £179.98, while Overclockers has the Powercolor RX 580 Red Dragon V2 down to £209.99 – bearing in mind that these cards will be superceded in launches expected within weeks.

Best UK SSD deals – 120GB-1TB

Capacity Make Model Vendor Price
120GB Kingston A400 Aria PC £19.19
  Gigabyte N/A Scan £19.99
  Adata Ultimate Ebuyer £21.99
  Integral V2 Ebuyer £21.99
  Crucial BX500 Novatech £22.63
  Patriot Burst Ebuyer £22.83
  WD Green Ebuyer £22.97
  Team Group L5 Overclockers £22.99
  SanDisk SSD Plus Scan £25.79
M.2 NVMe WD Green Ebuyer £24.62
  Kingston UV500 Novatech £32.02
  Gigabyte N/A Scan £34.99
240GB Kingston A400 Aria PC £31.19
  Team Group L5 Overclockers £32.99
  Gigabyte N/A Scan £34.19
  WD Green Ebuyer £34.95
M.2 NVMe WD Green Ebuyer £38.49
  Kingston UV500 Novatech £47.24
  WD Blue Overclockers £54.95
  Kingston A1000 Ebuyer £56.66
  Samsung 860 Evo Aria PC £62.34
500GB Team Group L5 Overclockers £59.99
  Crucial BX500 Aria PC £65.99
  Crucial MX500 Aria PC £71.94
  Kingston A400 Novatech £72.28
  Samsung 860 Evo Aria PC £77.94
M.2 NVMe WD Blue Aria PC £76.79
  Crucial MX500 Novatech £81.19
  Kingston UV500 Novatech £83.53
1TB WD Blue Aria PC £152.99
  Crucial MX500 Aria PC £155.99
  Samsung 860 Evo Aria PC £174.98
M.2 NVMe WD Blue Novatech £178.36

Some retailers – Novatech in particular – appear to have been caught out by the continued fall in the price of AMD graphics cards, although Novatech does have the Zotac GTX 1060 Mini 6GB graphics card at £224.99.

The price of memory, too, has also declined sharply over the past year, with the highly rated Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz DDR4 on offer at £127.98 at Aria PC.

The fall in the price of some of core PC components should help to maintain increasing momentum in the PC market, with Gartner suggesting European PC shipments increased by 1.1 per cent in the third quarter. 

Sales are expected to continue rising in the current quarter, driven partly by business refreshment and PC gamers. 

Source : Inquirer

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