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Steam Link isn’t coming to iOS for now because Apple said so

AFTER LAST week’s arrival of Steam Link for Android, which allows gamers to stream games direct from their games machine to an Android device (including, notably, the Nvidia Shield), there’s bad news today for iOS users.

Apple has rejected Steam’s request to put a version of the app in the App Store, citing a conflict of interests. Which is not strictly untrue if you want to be that cynical about it.

A statement from Valve, makes of Steam, said: “On Monday, May 7th, Apple approved the Steam Link app for release.”

But then…

“The following morning, Apple revoked its approval citing business conflicts with app guidelines that had allegedly not been realised by the original review team.”

Apparently, the issue is surrounding things like in-app purchasing from outside the App Store, serial codes for redeeming… basically then… well, Steam – essentially all of it.

Apple has said that dialogue is continuing and that the door remains open for a compliant version of the app.

Thing is, the “not compliant” bits represent a huge obstacle to overcome for the Valve team if they want to find a way of keeping in Apple’s good graces.

On one hand, the app is already written and it’s going to be a major downer if it never sees the light of day (and there’s no way Valve will rock the boat by offering it to jailbroken phones).

On the other hand, once you make it compliant, there’s really not a lot left. The big thing here is that Apple won’t get any money if people buy their games through Steam and then stream them and Apple doesn’t like that.

But Steam’s business model is built around selling games, so it’s unlikely that they’ll want to give Apple a cut, which is exactly what would break the deadlock.

So for now, they’re going to be just two cats sitting in a garden staring each other out and occasionally circling each other. Hopefully though, eventually they’ll be able to peacefully share a saucer of milk.

Steamed milk, obviously. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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