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Surface Go racks up another terrible iFixit repairability score for Microsoft

MICROSOFT HAS been widely praised for its budget tablet the Surface Go.

But the iFixit team has slightly different criteria. Is it self-repairable? The answer is a big wet sloppy ‘no’.

This isn’t a huge shock, as the Surface range isn’t really known for its ease of fix, with the Surface Book 2017 recording a spectacular zero out of ten.

The Surface Go is slightly easier thanks to its smaller form factor, but still, the ‘goopy glue’ which means that it’s ‘still terrifyingly hard’ to pull apart.

The battery is fully removable (apart from more glue) but there’s probably an assumption that no one would get past the glue on the screen in the first place.

iFixit remarks that the lack of upgradeability will shorten the lifespan of the device, as it simply won’t meet demands in a few years time. Because it isn’t modular (i.e comes to bits) then if a port dies, it’ll be almost impossible to repair.

Certainly, any attempt at repairs is going to involve removing that screen which is a pig to damage and expensive to replace. Further down there are fabric stickers designed to dissipate heat and more importantly, stop you from removing anything. Hidden screws are also significantly at play.

All in all, Microsoft has once again made a device that isn’t made for a long life. Chances are that if it were to break under warranty, they’d probably find it easier and cheaper just to replace it.

Although the comments made by iFixit are valid, the reality is that, if you don’t mind buying a new screen, and you don’t mind attacking it with a hairdryer to melt the glue, there are things you can do. But that’s a big sacrifice for an inexpensive tablet.

And perhaps that’s the thing. With the device (worth noting – this is the 64GB edition, the 128GB version may well differ) costing under $400 (£309) in the US, maybe that’s the price you pay for paying less – use it, wear it out, chuck it away. μ

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Source : Inquirer

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