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Surface Pro 4 users are reporting a ‘flickering screen’ issue

THOSE POOR SODS that own a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are having a bad time of it, with literally thousands of users of reporting a “flickering screen” issue.

It’s become such a known problem that it’s been dubbed “Flickergate” and has now been reported by as many as 1,800 Surface Pro 4 owners. Heck, there’s even a website dedicated to it explaining what it is and offering users a chance to sign a petition demanding Microsoft fix the issue or offer refunds.

“We are customers of Microsoft who have invested $1500+ on new Surface Pro devices which have developed screen flickering, rendering the devices unusable,” the site declares.

“The flickering normally occurs one year after purchase when the warranty is already expired. This means that owners are forced to pay $800 for an out-of-warranty exchange from Microsoft. However, many users experience the same flickering on their refurbished Surface Pro replacements.”

The post goes on to state that while over 1,800 customers have complained on Microsoft’s support forums, the firm has not yet acknowledged the issue.

“We recommend potential buyers to AVOID surface pro devices until Microsoft has fixed this problem because there is a high chance that your device will become unusable within a year,” it says.

However, Microsoft told The Verge on Thursday: “We are aware that some customers have experienced a screen flicker on Surface Pro 4 and are monitoring the situation closely.”

While Microsoft does that, a novel and quite desperate-sounding temporary fix for the problem has come to light on the bitch-fest that is the Flickergate site.

Putting it on ice.

Yep, somehow, users have found they can get a half-an-hour of flicker-free use after ten minutes in the freezer. One Surface Pro 4 owner posted a video on YouTube, if you have two full minutes of your life to waste.

Microsoft added that affected users should contact customer support, but those experiencing the flaw outside the warranty (mostly everyone) will only find themselves back to square one. µ   

Source : Inquirer

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