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Surface Pro 6 pops up in surprise unboxing video

OFFICIALLY, WE DON’T know what Microsoft will be showing at its big event next Tuesday. Unofficially, it’s been clear for some time that it’s going to be updates to the Surface range, and a new unboxing video from a Vietnamese website claims to show the main event: a Surface Pro 6 in all its glory.

If you were holding out for something dramatically different looking from previous Surfaces, you’ll be left disappointed. It looks very similar to last year’s model, only with slightly more curve on the corners. It’s not as curvy as the Surface Go, mind, but it is subtly changed.

One interesting point though: it seems that rumours of USB-C being the new port of choice are wide of the mark. The video shows regular old chunky USB-As.

But as every positive kid’s book will tell you, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And three minutes and 22 seconds into the video, this is confirmed on screen: an Intel Core i5-8250U processor, backed by 8GB RAM.

If this sounds (and looks) a bit humdrum to you, there are two reasons to be cheerful. First off, it’s always best to take these kind of videos with a pinch of salt. Certainly, plenty of YouTube commenters are struggling to believe this is the real deal, given the lack of USB-C ports and thick bezels.

But more importantly, even if we are getting an early look at Microsoft’s next baby, it’s unlikely to be the only baby born at next week’s event. The Surface family is big, encompassing laptops, tablets and desktops.

It’s very likely that Microsoft has other reasons to summon us all to its big event next week – but we won’t know for sure until Tuesday. 9pm, UK time. µ

Source : Inquirer

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