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Surface Studio 2 benchmarks position device as an all-in-one PC killer

THE SURFACE STUDIO 2 looks to be ready to smoke other all-in-one PCs, according to leaked Geekbench benchmarks.

The second-gen Surface Studio managed to rake up a score of 4,680 in the single-core test, and a healthy 15,915 for the multi-core score.

The reason for that performance looks to be down to an Intel Core i7-7820HQ, a four-core, eight-thread CPU from the last generation of Intel CPUs.

Said processors clocks from 2.89GHz to 3.89GHz when running at full whack. And that CPU is matched with 32GB of DDR4 RAM, which likely helps the Surface Studio 2 hit some benchmark high notes.

But while the Surface Studio 2 looks to be quite the performer for an all-in-one PC, especially given its rather unique was of flipping from a PC into a digital easel.

However, we’re a bit miffed as to why Microsoft, a company not short of a few quid, would opt for a seventh-gen Kaby Lake processor as opposed to the latest eighth-gen Coffee Lake processors, which is due an imminent refresh according to various leaks.

That being said, the Surface Studio 2 will offer a good dollop of power over its predecessor, not that machine was much of a slouch.

So that should be good news to digital artists, photo editors and other people who like using tech for creative purposes and need to handle demanding workloads like rendering or handling CAD software.

For everyone else a second-gen Surface Studio might be a bit of a shrug moment, but then Microsoft looks set to reveal some new Surface Laptop and Pro models very soon, so that could be something to tickle the pleasure bits of Surface fans. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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